Claude Young

Exclusive interview for Pitch Control

Electronic composer, videographer, sci-fi junkie, apple computer expert & world class DJ are but a few of the hats worn by Claude Young Jr. This Detroit (USA) native who now resides in Glasgow (Scotland / UK) & Tokyo (Japan) was born the son of legendary WJLB (Detroit USA) radio personality, station founding member and production master Claude Young Sr. Claude Sr. through his radio show in Detroit was partly responsible for million sellers for such artist as Isaac Hays, David Bowie, Quincy Jones, Elton John, Falco, Al Green, Kraftwerk, Jody Watley, Erik B & Rakim, Run DMC and many more artist crossing a diverse musical landscape during the 70's & 80's. Claude Jr's editing & production skills in studio (taught to him by his father & years of experimentation alone) saw him work on a string of records for both independent and major record labels starting in the early 1990s. Warner Brothers, RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) / Sony Playstation (Mamoru Oshiis Ghost in the SHell), Takkyu Ishino, Technasia, Gary Numan, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Inner City and 4Hero are but a few of the artist and labels either remixed or edited by Young Jr. during his 16 year music career. Relocating to London in 1995, Young embarked on a string of DJ tours & electronic music lectures world wide lasting almost a decade notably performing in Spain, Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, France & Austria regularly. In 2005 CyJ relocated to Tokyo (Japan).

1. What the reason, that you start working with electronic music ?

<< My father was a Radio DJ / Producer and I used to visit the radio station when i was a young child to watch him do his radio show. My mother worked at a record distribution company as well. My parents are my biggest influence. My main focus was not purely electronic music - I just like music. I enjoy all styles from Hip Hop to Classical. Living in Detroit got me hooked on electronic music. >>

2. What you listening at home ?

<< I listen to a lot of music at home. It all depends on my mood. I like Steve Reich, Plaid, Gang Starr, J Dilla, UR, Jeff Mills, B12, Plutonic Lab, Steely Dan, Radiohead, YMO, Thomas Dolby, Common, DeLa Soul, the B52's, Brian Eno, Autechrre, Bjork, BT, Kraftwerk, Masters at Work, Paul Schutze, Carl Craig, Anthony Shake Shakir, Ian O'Brien, Pete Rock, MXM, Robert Hood, Ryuichi Sakamoto .... Basically any kind of music. I listen to a lot of new artist on internet (myspace, youtube, etc) and internet radio / mix shows.>>

3. Do you have kids ?

<< My wife and I are expecting our first child this year. Were really happy and excited to be new parents. Japan is a great country to raise a family. >>

4. Did you ever been in Croatia, if yes, then where ?

<< I remember playing in Zagreb during the 90's. I cant remember the exact place. I was touring a lot at that time. I do remember the people were really nice and the city was beautiful. >>

5. What do you think about future of electronic music ?

<< Im sure the music will move forward in sound. Im always optimistic about electronic music because it was designed to be free and open. I hope people get back to the roots of the idea behind electronic music. Today it has become far too commercial and people are easily led by marketing. I hope people discover new sounds and artist not only from abroad but in Croatia as well. Its important that Croatia supports artist from their own country so the music can grow and stay truly global. I think Croatia is part of the electronic music global family and I would like to see more artist from Croatia become more visible in the global music scene. >>

6. Your best moment in your music career ?

<< When i stopped touring full time 2 years ago to settle down and start producing again. Touring is great but it takes away from production time and time to have a personal life. Now I feel like I have a new focus in what im doing on the production side. Isolation is a good thing some times. >>

7. Your favorite label ?

<< I don't have a favorite label because my music taste is so varied. >>

8. Your favorite DJ or producer ?

<< I don't have one favorite but I do enjoy Jeff Mills, SUrgeon, Slam Mode, Plaid, just to many artist I could name but no one person / group is a heavy influence on me really. >>

9. What do you think about legalizing marihuana ?

<< I don't think its a bad idea, the world has more important problems to deal with like global warming. If people want to smoke it's ok with me. >>

10. What is your message for visitors of Pitch and Croatian fans of electronic music ?

<< Keep moving forward and always stay true to yourself in your life! One love... >>

<< Day of birth: July 4, 1970>>