Steve Rachmad

Exclusive interview for Pitch Control (2009.)

Steve Rachmad is a Dutch techno producer, DJ and remixer. By many, he is considered a father of Detroit techno in the Netherlands, respected in the world of electronic music for his deep, groovy sounds that tend to rest on impressive strings, melodies, funk and soul. His career has been reaching its highest peaks from 1996 up to the present time. Yet, it is somewhat less known that he has been in the music realms for 25 years by now. Steves life story starts in Amsterdam. At the age of 12, teenage Steve already starts buying his first records: to mix, remix, and cut-and-paste their parts with an open reel tape deck.

 1. What is the reason, that you start working with electronic music ?

Steve Rachmad: It came quite naturally to me; at a young age I was already more interested in music than school. That, of course, caused quite some objections from my dad, but I kept doing it anyway. I cannot imagine my life going any other direction, this was within me.

2. What you listening at home ?

Steve Rachmad: Lots of different things, really.. From Maurizio/Rhythm of Sound, 80s disco, to the new Justin Timberlake album. In general, I'm after well produced music with soul and funk, and this Timberlake album has an amazing crossover between techno, progressive, electro, etc. It's produced by Timbaland--one of my favorite contemporary producers. I also like Monolake, Zero 7, etc.

3. Do you have kids ?

Steve Rachmad: Not yet.

4. Did you ever been in Croatia, if yes, then where ?

Steve Rachmad: I've been to Croatia quite some times. I played few times in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Istria region, once in Vukovar.. For the rest, I'm in Croatia about twice per year for holidays as well, as my girlfriend's family lives in Rijeka. Lovely country, with fantastic nature and food. 

5. What do you think about future of electronic music ?

Steve Rachmad: That's quite a difficult question in some ways. I cannot predict what's coming, but I can say that it will exist and evolve till the end of time. It has already taken such an important spot in the world of music in general, that I can't imagine its disappearance. Like with everything else in life, electronic music will also keep morphing, taking different forms and outputs.

6. Your best moment in your music career ? 

Steve Rachmad: I can't single out just one. It's been quite a journey, full of great gigs and excitements about new releases. Perhaps my favorite memories go to Womb in Tokyo (Japan), and Circuito in Sao paulo (Brazil) gig-wise. As for my productions, it must be my old album Secret Life of Machines, which caused an important turn in my career in 1996. Since then, I am a full time professional DJ and a producer.

7. Your favorite label ? 

Steve Rachmad: Basic Channel 

8. Your favorite DJ or producer ?

Steve rachmad: I don't have favorites in that sense, I never did aside from my musical influences from the 1980s. I follow music by many producers, but I don't have a favorite. Definitely guys like Robert Hood, Maurizio and Mr. Fingers influenced my career in a big way, but then I took my own path from there. I will always follow good music, in whatever form or under whatever label it comes.

9. What do you think about legalizing marihuana ?

Steve Rachmad: I'm not the right person to be asked on this topic. Marihuana is legalized in Holland, and it's a normal thing here to see people smoking a joint in the street, or at a party. I can imagine that it's not the wisest thing to be legal in many ways, but I always think how people will find a way to smoke joints whether they're legalized or not. I think it's a personal choice at the end of the day, so I'm not pro it, nor against it. Positive side of legalizing is that it would probably cut down on crime. Smuglers and dealers would have much less work then.

10. What is your message for visitors of Pitch and Croatian fans of electronic music ?

Steve Rachmad: Open your mind and always look for quality in music. Labeling under techno, electro, trance, disco, rock, pop is not even that relevant at the end of the day, as long as it's quality. You might be surprised what kind of inspireing things can come out of the strangest and least expected corners.

+ one more question please, your day of birth ?

Steve Rachmad: November 19, 1969