Johan Ilves

Intervju (2010.) Johan Ilves is a swedish house/techno warrior based in Oslo, Norway. With releases on labels such as Noir Music, Plastic City, Stealth, Takt and Global Underground one of Sweden’s finest deeptech producers Johan Ilves has stormed onto the scene with track after track of the highest quality production.

1. What the reason, that you start working with electronic music ?

Since the tunes from ice climber on nintendo 8bit touched my fragile 6 year ears im always been into electronic music in different way. When i got older and started djing it didnt felt enough so i start playing around with my own beats and found myself

2. What you listening at home ?

All kind of music who feels original and got soul. But when im at party im sometimes even opend for some more cheezy popmusic.

3.Do you have kids ?

No kids

4. Did you ever been in Croatia, if yes, then where ?

I never been there, but would like to go there and play my stuff. I have some croatian friends in my hometown.

5. What do you think about future of electronic music ?

The future is always hard to tell. Electrohouse was very hot last year and i think this year it will contine to evolve. And i think minimal will be big this year. Overall i hope the dancescene grows even bigger in the future.

6. Your best moment in your music career ?

My career is yust started so i must say my first release "lobby confusion". I think the biggest moments lay before me.

7. Your favorite label ?

I dont have any but right now i listend a lot to music released on get physical.

8. Your favorite DJ or producer ?

Dj i must say my friend Erik Sahl , spins his vinyl with a big smile on his face and always good music. Producer , thats tricky, so many talented producers out there but i say daft punk.

9. What do you think about legalizing marihuana ?

If u dont have marihuana in the culture there can be many problems with legalizing it. Its very different country to country. I wouldnt care if they did it myself but i dont really have any good answer for you.

10. What is your message for visitors of Pitch and Croatian fans of electronic music ?

Stay cool, make friends, dont worry to much about the future , never miss a good party and ofcourse check out my music.